Cyber liability insurance coverage is the quickest and easiest way to protect your business (and its reputation) from the consequences of data theft!

CM&F Group’s CyberProGuard is a comprehensive cyber liability insurance policy designed to meet the needs of your business. This data breach coverage includes features like automatic coverage for income loss from network disruptions due to a data breach.

In partnership with Brit DataSafe, your policy includes a free cyber risk report, regularly updated risk and compliance materials, online courses that can be assigned to employees and unlimited, confidential phone and email consultation. In the event of a patient data breach or network disruption, you will have access to a 24/7/365 reporting hotline and a network of tried and tested legal, forensics and service experts to manage the response.

Cyber Attack Fast Facts

(Ponemon 2020)

  • 280 days is the average time to identify and contain a data breach
  • $3.86 Million is the average total cost of a data breach in the USA
  • Healthcare is the most expensive data breach industry
  • 63% of SMEs identified cyber breaches or attacks within the last 12 months (Cyber Security Breaches survey 2017)

60% of Small Businesses Never Recover From A Data Breach

(US National Security Alliance)

The Benefits Behind CM&F Cyber Liability Insurance Will Keep Your Business Safe

Security & Privacy Liability


Key Coverages:

  • Maximum limit: $1MM in Coverage
  • Full first party costs and third-party security & cyber liability coverage
  • Damages & Claims Expenses legally obligated to pay as result of claim

If as a result of a cyber incident, you are investigated by a regulator, sued by a third party or need to restore digital assets, our coverage will cover those claims and expenditures as they occur.

Security Breach Response Coverage


Key Coverages:

  • Maximum Limit: $1MM in Coverage
  • Forensic Investigation Costs
  • Legal Fees and Expenses
  • Notification Costs to regulatory agencies or customers
  • Credit Monitoring Expenses
  • Access to Breach Response Panel of Experts

Coverage will reimburse the insured for crisis management costs and breach response costs that the organization incurs in the event of a security breach during the policy period.

Cyber Extortion Coverage


Key Coverages:

  • Maximum Limit: $1MM in Coverage
  • Cyber-Extortion Payments
  • Cyber-Extortion Expenses

Reimbursement for Cyber-Extortion Expenses and Cyber-Extortion Payments that an insured pays directly resulting from a Cyber-Extortion that you receive during the policy period.

** The coverages highlighted above are dependent upon the terms and conditions of the policy

About Our Partner

Brit Global Specialty is one of the first Lloyds syndicates to offer standalone cyber liability insurance protection. Its award-winning cyber team writes coverage globally with clients ranging from Fortune 500 multinationals to small businesses.

CM&F is proud to partner with an underwriting team offering both dynamic and innovative insurance protection for our clients:

Automated Online Application
Less than 5 Questions
5 Minutes To Fill Out
Immediate Proof of Coverage
Fully Staffed Customer Support Center

integrated healthcare technology

The CM&F Advantage

Protect Your Business With Award Winning Coverage

The cost to notify one patient of a data breach is ~$400. Fortunately, the annual rate for CyberProGuard® is approximately equivalent to the cost of notifying just three patients, but provides up to $1MM in coverage for most CM&F clients.

CM&F was founded over a century ago. Through up and down markets, CM&F’s dedication to healthcare professionals has never wavered. CM&F remains committed to making it easy and cost-effective to secure vital professional coverage with:

* excludes taxes and fees

  • Up to $1MM in Coverage
  • 24/7 Access to DataSafe Portal & Customer Service
  • Free Cyber Risk Report for Your Business
  • Online Training For You & Your Employees
  • Fast, Automated Application Process

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