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NurseGuard® Malpractice Insurance for RN's, LPN's and LVN's 

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What does my Nurse Guard® Malpractice Liability policy cover?

The primary function of your policy is to defend you against legal actions arising out of negligent acts, real or perceived, in your role as a healthcare provider.  Many practitioners rely on their employer for their coverage, which can leave them exposed in ways that a personal policy would not.  You shouldn't trust your professional integrity to anyone else; learn why CM&F Group is the right choice for you!

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Nurse Guard® is underwritten by top-rated Medical Protective, rated A++ (Superior) by A.M. Best.  As the nation's oldest provider of healthcare malpractice liability insurance, Medical Protective has been protecting the assets and reputations of doctors and other healthcare providers for over 100 years.

When you need protection you need strength, and that's exactly what Nurse Guard® provides!  The Medical Protective Company is rated A++ (Superior) by A.M. Best.  MedPro is a Berkshire Hathaway Company and is the only healthcare malpractice carrier who has endured all three medal financial crises (over the past several decades) and through it all, has provided superior protection to its insureds*.  Nurse Guard® includes the following benefits:  Occurrence Coverage, Employed and Self-Employed Options, HIPAA Defense Coverage, License and Deposition Coverage - all at affordable prices.

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For more information about Nurse Guard®, our malpractice insurance policy for Nurses, please contact CM&F Group, Inc. at 1-800-221-4904 or click the Support button above.

*Coverage with Medical Protective is offered through MedPro Provider Solutions, Inc. ("MPS"), a risk purchasing group and affiliate of Medical Protective.  By payment of your policy premium, you will be joining as a member of MPS.
 Do I need my own liability policy?
For most healthcare practitioners, the answer is YES.  
» Your employer may provide malpractice insurance but it may not cover you in ALL situations, such as Licensure or Administrative Action Defense.
» Your own policy ensures that you are personally protected regardless of job changes.
» Your own policy protects you against any potential conflicts of interest between employers and coworkers - which commonly occur when multiple individuals are covered under the same policy.

 Am I covered after I leave my employer?
Maybe, maybe not. 
» The primary interest of your employer's policy is the employer, and not necessarily their employees.
» Liability policies come in all shapes and sizes and can vary greatly; you could be covered adequately, or you could have no coverage at all. This is exactly why we recommend that all healthcare practitioners carry their own liability policy.
» Your policy through CM&F Group will follow you regardless of where or for whom you work.

 What if I work for multiple employers?
 Without your own policy, you need great records:
» Do you have specific insurance information from all of your former employers covering your periods of employment? Was the insurance Claims Made or Occurrence? If the coverage was Claims Made, is the policy still in effect or did your former employer purchase "Tail" coverage? Have you requested updated coverage information from each of your former employers each year, along with a confirmation that you are still covered?
» When you carry your own liability policy YOU are in control!

 Why should I care about financial ratings?
 Financial ratings determine a carrier's longterm viability
 » Most lawsuits take years to be filed; you want to make certain that your insurance carrier will be in busi- ness when you need them. If you change jobs OR RETIRE, are you sure that your employer's insurance carrier will be there when you need them?
» CM&F Group's healthcare liability programs are underwritten by Medical Protective, rated A++ (Superior) by A.M. Best for financial strength.
» Medical Protective has been insuring healthcare professionals since 1895 and is solely focused on liability protection for healthcare professionals throughout its history.
» With CM&F Group and Medical Protective, you can rest assured that your finances and professional integrity will remain protected - well into the future. 
Service Is Paramount
At CM&F, we realize the importance of technology and its role in making many aspects of our lives easier.  However, we also recognize that sometimes you just need to talk to someone.  That's why, in addition to offering all of our products online, we also staff a call center full of courteous and knowledgeable agents who are ready to assist you; promptly and courteously whenever you need us.

We Were First
In 1947 CM&F Group, along with the Royal Insurance Company, developed the first medical malpractice policy for non-physicians.  Originally designed for nurses, this product has evolved to include over 80 specialties of healthcare providers.  Our decades of healthcare malpractice liability experience and ongoing focus on protecting healthcare providers, certainly sets us apart.  We were the first and remain committed to being the best!

Family-Owned and Operated

Since 1919, the CM&F Group (Cotterell, Mitchell, and Fifer until 1996) has been privately held and has been solely owned by the same family since 1963.  Such operational stability provides our valuable clients the confidence to know whom they are entrusting their professional integrity to, year after year.

Strong And Stable Carriers

Throughout the years, healthcare malpractice liability claims have become volatile, forcing many insurance carriers out of business.  We choose our carrier partners carefully and develop long term relationships based on trust and stability.  We have never and will never write business with a carrier who carries less than an “A” Financial Rating (as rated by A.M Best).  With CM&F, you are protected now and far into the future.

Ease Of Doing Business

We realize that your time is valuable, so we have made it as easy as possible for you to apply for coverage or obtain your policy documentation through our secure client access web portal.  It takes less than 10 minutes to obtain coverage though our online application process.  If you have a job TODAY that you need coverage for, that’s no problem!  Our online application system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Do It YOUR Way
Although we're proud to offer the most efficient online processes, we realize that's not for everyone.  You can also mail, fax or upload your completed application and we will STILL get it processed in no more than 48 hours from when it's received.  Or, if you have a question or are confused, give us a call or email us and we’ll help you through the process.  We're here to help, and that means making the process simple and painless in whatever way is convenient for YOU. 

Our Customers Don’t Wait

At CM&F, we see value in LESS bureaucracy.  We are confident that our customer service reps and underwriters can efficiently handle all of your questions, but in those rare instances where an issue needs to be escalated, our senior management team is only one step away.  If there is a complicated problem that needs resolution, it doesn’t get mired in layers of red tape, it goes directly to people who can make a decision.  At CM&F, you won’t wait for an answer to your questions, and unlike other companies, when we say we will get back to you, we mean it.  

Proactive Management

Our executive management team directly supervises the customer service and underwriting groups-- there are no middle managers, and our executive managers are also owners.  Proactive involvement by ownership in the day-to-day client experience is a central tenet of our business philosophy because it ensures that any issues our clients face are dealt with swiftly and completely.  It also allows us to quickly isolate and fix problems in the process, so that our clients always experience top notch service.  If you have a problem, it WILL be heard and it WILL be resolved.  Guaranteed. 

 Our Employees

We believe that our greatest asset is the quality of our employees.  Our employees are the first point of contact for our clients and are the ones who implement our strategy and make the “CM&F Advantage” come to life.   That is why it's important for us to recruit talented and courteous people and to retain them.  Our average employee retention is more than 6 years, almost 5 times the national average.  This ensures familiarity with our clients and their needs, while building loyalty between our employees and the customers they serve, year after year. 
As long-time advocates for American healthcare professionals, CM&F is committed to offering the highest quality and most stable insurance coverages at the most attractive rates.  Given those objectives, we are proud to offer our NEW malpractice policy underwritten by Medical Protective, a Warren Buffet/Berkshire Hathaway company.

MedPro has earned the healthcare industry's highest financial ratings from independent, respected agencies:  A++ (Superior) by A.M. Best. and AA+ by Standard & Poor's.  With billions in assets as a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, MedPro has the financial strength to protect you both now and into the future.

The new policy offers a host of expanded coverage features and enhanced policy limits, as well as the confidence of MedPro's industry-leading claims handling: with over 90% trial win rate and 80% of all claims closed without payment.  Compare your coverage below or click here for more information.  
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