PA Protect® Malpractice Insurance For Physician Assistants‚Äč

AAPA Endorsed PA Protect® Malpractice Insurance For Physician Assistants

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PA Protect®— quality, affordable Malpractice Insurance For Physician Assistants. CM&F Group, Inc. in partnership with The Medical Protective Company (a top rated, A++ (Superior) Medical Malpractice Insurance Carrier) combine for over 200 years experience in the medical malpractice insurance arena.  Don't trust your professional integrity to just anyone, CM&F's program is right for you.  Apply Now!

CM&F Group, in partnership with AAPA Insurance Services brings you PA Protect®— quality, affordable Malpractice Insurance For Physician Assistants. When you need protection — you want what PA Protect® provides! The Medical Protective Company is rated AA+ (Extremely Strong) by Standard & Poor's and A++ (Superior) by A.M. Best. MedPro is a Berkshire Hathaway Company and is the only medical malpractice carrier who has endured all three medmal crises (over the past several decades) and through it all, has provided superior protection to its insureds.  Unparalleled financial strength, along with coverage benefits such as:  Claims Made, Occurrence and Claims Made Convertible options, HIPAA Defense, and Licensure and Deposition Defense, make PA Protect® the right choice for you!  

For more information or questions about PA Protect® our Physician Assistants Malpractice Insurance policy, please contact CM&F Group at 1-800-221-4904 or email us at

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Please Note that if you choose to download your application and submit a copy via mail, it can take 3 to 4 weeks for your application to be processed and your policy documents sent out.  Your payment — whether by check or credit card — will NOT be processed until your coverage has been approved.