Healthcare Insurance Product Listing A-Z


Academic Language Therapist Insurance Acupuncturist Group Liability Insurance Acupuncturist Insurance Aerobics Instructor Insurance Alcohol or Drug Counselor Insurance Anesthesia Technologist Insurance Aqua Instructor Insurance Art Therapist Insurance Assistant Medical Technician Insurance Athletic Trainer Group Liability Insurance Athletic Trainer Insurance Audiologist (excluding Intraoperative Neuromonitoring) Insurance Audiologist (including IONM interpretation/non supervisory) Insurance Audiologist Assistant Insurance Audiology Group Liability Insurance Autotransfusionist Insurance


Behavior Consultant Insurance Behavior Specialist Insurance Behavior Technician Insurance Behavioral Therapist Insurance Biomedical Technician Insurance Biomedical Technologist Insurance Blood Bank Technician Insurance Blood Bank Technologist Insurance Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts (BCaBA) Insurance Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) Insurance


Cardiology Technician Insurance Cardiovascular Technologist Insurance Caregiver Companion Insurance Case Manager Insurance Certified Academic Language Therapists Certified Lab Technologist Insurance Certified Laboratory Technician Insurance Certified Medical Assistant Insurance Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Insurance Certified Nutritional Consultant Insurance Certified Nutritional Counselor Insurance Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant Insurance Certified Personal Trainer Insurance Certified Rehabilitation Professional Insurance Childbirth Educator Insurance Chiropractic Assistant Insurance Circulation Technologist Insurance Clinical Laboratory Technician Insurance Clinical Laboratory Technologist Insurance Clinical Nurse Specialist (Administrator) Insurance Clinical Nurse Specialist Group Liability Insurance Clinical Nurse Specialist Insurance (No Prescriptive Authority) Clinical Nurse Specialist Insurance (With Prescriptive Authority) Clinical Research Associate Insurance Clinical Research Coordinator Insurance Clinical Social Worker Insurance Colon Hydrotherapist Insurance Colon Hydrotherapy Group Liability Insurance Community Health Assistant Insurance Community Health Technician Insurance Community Health Technologist Insurance Consulting Pharmacist Insurance Continuous EEG Specialist Insurance Corrective Therapist Insurance Cosmetic Nurse Group Liability Insurance Cosmetic Nurse Insurance CPR Trainer Insurance


Dance Therapist Insurance Deaf Interpreter Insurance Dental Assistant Insurance Dental Hygienist Developmental Therapist Insurance Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Group Liability Insurance Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Insurance Dialysis Technician Insurance Dialysis Technologist Insurance Dietitian Insurance Doula Insurance Doula Or Lactation Consultant Group Liability Insurance Drama Therapist Insurance


Early Childhood Interventionist Insurance EEG Technician Group Liability Insurance EEG Technologist Insurance Electrocardiograph Technologist Insurance Electrologist Insurance EMT (Basic Intermediate) Insurance EMT Volunteer Insurance End Of Life Doula Insurance Enterostomal Therapist Insurance Esthetician Insurance Evoked Potential Technologist Insurance Exercise Physiologist Insurance


Facialist Insurance Fitness Professional Insurance


Health Coach Insurance Health Educator Insurance Health Registrar Technician Insurance Healthcare School Group Liability Insurance Hearing Therapist Insurance Histologic Technician Insurance Histologic Technologist Insurance Home Health Aide Insurance Home Healthcare Agency Liability Insurance Horticultural Therapist Insurance


Intraoperative Neuromonitoring Group Liability Insurance Intraoperative Neuromonitoring Insurance


Kinesiologist Insurance Kinesiotherapist Insurance


Laboratory Aide Insurance Lactation Consultant Insurance Lactation Counselor Insurance Legal Nurse Consultant RN or LPN Insurance Licensed Assistant Behavior Analyst Insurance Licensed Behavior Analyst Insurance Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) Insurance Life Care Planner Insurance Life Coach Insurance List of Professions A-Z Long Term Monitoring For Epilepsy (LTME) Insurance LPN or LVN Insurance LPN, LVN & RN Group Liability Insurance


Marriage or Family Counselor Insurance Martial Arts Instructor Insurance Massage Therapist Insurance Medical Dosimetrist Insurance Medical Laboratory Technician Insurance Medical Office Assistant Insurance Medical Physicist Group Insurance Medical Physicist Insurance Medical Records Administrator Insurance Medical Records Technician Insurance Medical Technician Insurance Medical Technologist Assistant Insurance Medical Technologist Insurance Meditation Instructor Insurance Mental Health Counseling Group Liability Insurance Mental Health Counselor Insurance Mental Health Technician Insurance Mental Health Worker Insurance Midwife Group Liability Insurance Miscellaneous Healthcare Group Insurance Music Therapist Insurance


Nail Technician Insurance Navigator Insurance Nerve Conduction Studies Technologist Insurance Nuclear Medical Technician Insurance Nuclear Medical Technologist Insurance Nurse Educator Group Liability Insurance Nurse Educator Insurance Nurse Practitioner – New Graduate Nurse Practitioner (NP) Insurance Nurse Practitioner Group Liability Insurance Nurse Surgical Assistant Insurance Nurse’s Aide Insurance Nutritionist Group Liability Insurance Nutritionist Insurance


Occupational Therapist Assistant Insurance Occupational Therapist Liability Insurance Occupational Therapy Group Liability Insurance Orthopedic Assistant Insurance Orthopedic Technician Insurance Orthotist Prosthetist Insurance


Paramedic / EMT Group Liability Insurance Paramedic Insurance Pastoral Counselor Insurance Pathology Assistant Insurance Pedorthist Insurance Perfusionist Group Liability Insurance Perfusionist Insurance Pharmacist Assistant Insurance Pharmacist Group Liability Insurance Pharmacist Insurance Pharmacy Technician / Technologist Insurance Phlebotomist Insurance Phlebotomy Group Liability Insurance Physical Therapist Liability Insurance Physical Therapy Aide Insurance Physical Therapy Assistant Liability Insurance Physical Therapy Group Liability Insurance Physician Assistant (PA) Insurance Physician Assistant (PA) New Graduate Insurance Physician Assistant (PA) Student Insurance Physician Assistant Group Liability Insurance Pilates Instructor Insurance Podiatric Assistant Insurance Polysomnographic Sleep Technician Insurance Post Partum Doula Insurance Psychological Assistant Insurance Psychological Associate Insurance Psychological Examiner Insurance Psychologist Insurance Psychology Group Liability Insurance Psychotherapist Insurance


Qigong Instructor Insurance Qualified Mental Health Professional Insurance


Radiation Therapist Insurance Radiation Therapy Technologist Insurance Radiological Technician Insurance Radiology Group Liability Insurance Recreation Therapist Insurance Registered Nurse (RN) Registered Radiology Assistant Insurance Rehabilitation Assistant Insurance Rehabilitation Counselor Insurance Rehabilitation Therapist Insurance Reiki Practitioner Insurance Respiratory Care Provider Insurance Respiratory Therapist Insurance Respiratory Therapy Assistant Technician Insurance Retail Druggist Insurance Rolfer Insurance


School Counselor Insurance Speech Pathologist Insurance Speech Therapist Insurance Speech Therapy Group Liability Insurance Sports Medicine Instructor Insurance Sports Medicine Therapist Insurance Surgeon Assistant Insurance Surgical Assistant Group Liability Insurance Surgical Technician Insurance


Tai Chi Instructor Insurance


Wellness Counselor Insurance


X-Ray / Imaging Group Liability Insurance X-Ray Technician Insurance

CM&F Group