Chiropractic Assistant Malpractice Insurance

The essentials and benefits of having malpractice insurance

What is Chiropractic Assistant Malpractice Insurance?

Chiropractic assistant malpractice insurance provides valuable coverage to chiropractic assistants who are employed at a chiropractic practice. The chiropractic assistant provides assistance to the practicing chiropractor, though their main duties are clerical. Due to the clinical aspects of this occupation, chiropractic assistant malpractice insurance is very beneficial as it protects professionals from possible medical malpractice claims.

What Risks Do I Face as A Chiropractic Assistant That Warrants Malpractice Insurance?

Chiropractic assistants help chiropractors that work in private offices or chiropractic centers. Some of their duties include checking patients in and out, managing medical billing and coding, and answering phone calls. They need skills in management and technology, along with a basic knowledge of healthcare and holistic medicine terminology. CM&F’s malpractice insurance for chiropractic assistants will offer chiropractic assistants peace of mind when they enter an exam room or hold patient information in their hands.

Why Do I Need Chiropractic Assistant Liability Insurance?

Chiropractic assistant malpractice insurance is designed to protect your assets and cover your expenses in the event of a medical malpractice lawsuit. The nature of their occupation makes chiropractor assistants prone to risks of malpractice claims while providing or assisting in chiropractic services. Our liability insurance for chiropractic assistants provides coverage for amounts that you would otherwise be legally obligated to pay as a result of a professional liability claim.

Will My Malpractice Insurance Cover Telemedicine?

CM&F’s professional liability insurance for chiropractic assistants includes telemedicine malpractice coverage, so long as you are providing services within your scope of practice according to the relevant laws.

With telemedicine becoming more and more prevalent, understood, and in-demand from patients, CM&F recognizes the importance of telemedicine malpractice coverage. There is no need to add-on additional coverage or be charged more for the coverage. If you have a chiropractic assistant liability insurance policy with CM&F Group, you will be covered 24/7 no matter the employer or method of patient care delivery – virtual and/or in-person. If you have any questions, or would like further clarification, please consult your policy details or reach out to us.

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