Doula Malpractice Insurance

The essentials and benefits of having professional malpractice insurance

What is Professional Malpractice Insurance for Doulas?

Malpractice insurance for birth doulas protects personal assets and covers legal expenses in the event a malpractice or professional liability lawsuit is brought against a birthing doula. Doula personal liability insurance is necessary so doulas can tend to mothers and families without fear of litigation. As doula services become more popular, the demand for liability insurance for birth doulas also is increasing.

What Risks Associated with Doula Services Warrant Birth Doula Malpractice Insurance?

A doula, also known as a birth companion, birth coach or post-birth supporter, is a non-medical companion who supports a pregnant patient (and her family) by providing continuous care before, during, or after childbirth. Doula services typically come in the form of information, physical support, as well as emotional support. Doulas generally work in a team environment or in conjunction with a group of other healthcare providers. Because of the nature of the services they provide there is a possibility that doulas could be named in a malpractice lawsuit aimed at another team member. Therefore, having the right malpractice insurance gives doulas peace of mind that their interests and personal assets are protected.

Why Is Professional Liability Insurance for Birth Doulas Necessary?

Regardless of employment status, birth doula liability insurance is important for self-employed doulas or those who are employed by a clinic, hospital, or other care group. Due to obstetrics being one of the highest litigated areas of medical malpractice, doula malpractice insurance is extremely important and necessary. In the event a lawsuit is brought, even if it is confirmed that the doula did nothing wrong, liability insurance for doulas should cover lawyer fees and possibly other financial obligations that may arise during lawsuits. For doulas who provide services as an independent contractor, the best protection is almost certainly a personal doula professional liability insurance policy at a reasonable cost.

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