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Professional liability insurance for medical records administrators gives insurance coverage to medical records administrators who provide services that impact the administration or oversight of medical care practices. Medical records technician liability insurance gives professionals peace of mind in the event that a claim or grievance is filed against them.


Malpractice Insurance for Medical Records Administrators

Since medical records administrators work with confidential information which may give rise to regulatory concerns, having medical records technician malpractice insurance is an important consideration. Medical records administrator liability insurance is designed to protect personal assets and cover legal expenses in the event of a malpractice suit. Our liability insurance policies protect professionals for claims that may arise as a result of a lawsuit arising out of a covered medical incident.


Liability insurance for medical records administrators

A medical records administrator oversees the maintenance of patient records at a hospital, clinic or doctor’s office, and has to make sure that each patient’s visits, treatments, and prescribed medications are documented. This administrator also maintains billing information and, in many cases, confidential HIPAA information. Due to their access to this highly confidential patient information serious nature of this profession, it is important to have an individual liability insurance for epidemiologists.


CM&F Medical Records Administrator Coverage

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