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We’ve had the backs of healthcare professionals for over 100 years. Bringing peace of mind to our clients since 1919, we believe in comprehensive professional liability insurance products, better technology and the best service.

About CM&F Group

CM&F Group, a division of Specialty Program Group, LLC., is a niche provider of medical malpractice insurance for Allied Healthcare Providers. CM&F Group has been insuring professionals since 1919 and as the pace of healthcare has changed, so have we. CM&F now insures over 140,000 healthcare professionals across the country by partnering with only the strongest and most committed insurance carriers. CM&F has taken innovative pathways to providing easy access to liability insurance products by committing to enhanced technology, education, strategic partnerships, expert service, and hiring talented individuals from both within and outside the insurance industry to combine varying, pioneering perspectives.

All Weve Ever Tried To Do Is Provide The Best Possible Protection And Coverage For The Best Possible Price - Cal Sullivan Quote

We Have Our Clients Best Interest At The Heart Of Every Policy

ALL healthcare providers are at risk for making mistakes, simple human errors, or even false accusations.
We will have YOUR back – every time!

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CM&F Stands By Our Clients 24/7/365

What CM&F Has To Offer

Great Technology, Better Service

We believe in investing in technology without sacrificing service. All of our insurance products are available online and are fully automated, allowing our clients to purchase coverage in minutes and access all their information online in a personalized portal, because we don’t believe in making people wait. However, we know technology does not solve everything which is why we have a fully staffed call center as well as options for live chat and email support. We look forward to hearing from you however is most convenient for you!

All Weve Ever Tried To Do Is Provide The Best Possible Protection And Coverage For The Best Possible Price - Cal Sullivan Quote

Specialized, Not Limited

We’ve specialized in Professional Liability for Healthcare Professionals and Groups for over 75 years and continue to provide innovative products to this rapidly changing market. However, we have been a full service insurance brokerage since our founding in 1919. Whether you are a small physical therapy group, a nurse that works full-time in a hospital and does cosmetic procedures as a side-gig, a healthcare tech startup seeking business owner’s coverages, or a larger clinic with complicated insurance needs, or anything in between, we have coverage options and solutions for you. Contact us today to get started!

All Weve Ever Tried To Do Is Provide The Best Possible Protection And Coverage For The Best Possible Price - Cal Sullivan Quote

National Reach

CM&F has developed national programs, which allow us to write insurance products in all 50 states, as well as Washington D.C. Our insurance carrier markets include some of the most prestigious financial institutions in the world, giving you access to the most innovative and comprehensive insurance solutions, no matter your business needs.

All Weve Ever Tried To Do Is Provide The Best Possible Protection And Coverage For The Best Possible Price - Cal Sullivan Quote

Our History

Check out some of our milestones below.

  • The Early Years

    Cotterell, Mitchell is founded in 1919 in lower Manhattan by Wesley Cotterell and Charles Mitchell. In 1922 they are appointed as Agents by Aetna to sell life, property, casualty and personal lines insurance.

  • Innovation & Specialization

    In 1947, in partnership with the American Nurse’s Association, the firm develops the nation’s first liability program especially for nurses with The St Paul Companies. Charles Mitchell retires from the firm.

  • Cotterell, Mitchell & Fifer, Inc.

    Calvin Fifer joins the firm in 1957 after honorable WWII naval service in the Pacific theater. In 1964 his success is rewarded and he becomes president of newly renamed “Cotterell, Mitchell & Fifer, Inc.”

  • New Horizons

    In 1965, founder Wesley Cotterell dies, leaving Calvin Fifer as the firm’s sole owner. In 1976, the nurses liability program was moved to American International Group, Inc.

  • Program Expansion

    In response the medical malpractice crisis of the mid 80’s, the firm develops the first liability program for advance practice nurses. This was soon followed by programs for all healthcare professionals.

  • CM&F Group, Inc.

    Fifer’s son-in-law, Richard J. J. Sullivan, Jr. resigns his commission in the U.S. Foreign Service and joins the firm. In 1997 Fifer steps down; Sullivan renames the firm CM&F Group, Inc.

  • New Partnerships

    Following the attacks of 9/11, another malpractice crisis strikes. This time physician assistants are the targets, so in partnership with the AAPA, CM&F responds with an endorsed program expressly for PAs.

  • New Location and Severing Old Ties

    In 2002, CM&F moves to Tribeca. Four years later, Chairman Emeritus, Calvin Fifer dies. With the financial crisis of 2008, CM&F transfers its PA & NP programs to the venerable Medical Protective Company.

  • Carrying on The Tradition

    Richard J.J. Sullivan, III (Jay) joined the firm in 2004, followed by Calvin E. F. Sullivan, Sr. joining the in 2005, and William Sullivan joined in 2017 . By 2012, their mission of better serving clients in the digital age came to fruition with all products being available for purchase online 24/7 – in real time.

  • Specialty Program Group

    CM&F Group is acquired by Specialty Programs Group and HUB International alongside some of the most talented and competitive insurance companies in the country. The partnership elevates the ability of CM&F to provide top notch service and products to its clients.

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