CM&F Partners

The best in healthcare innovation working together to bring
professionals & groups peace of mind

We Partner With The Most Knowledgeable & Passionate Healthcare Industry Innovators

As the healthcare industry evolves, CM&F Group is dedicated to making imperative resources more affordable & easier to access. One-way CM&F has managed to remain innovative in the professional liability insurance space by partnering with National Associations, Unions, and other organizations that share CM&F’s core values.

As we develop our partnerships, we get to learn from some of the most knowledgeable and passionate healthcare professionals in the country. It gives us the opportunity to talk with them, find out about their insurance needs, and tailor our programs to the needs of their clients in an ever-changing landscape.

In partnering with us, our partners get access to an insurance provider that has been an industry leader since 1919. CM&F is a proven malpractice insurance group with years of expert service and a strong commitment to continued growth. We supply our partners with the highest quality medical malpractice insurance offered in the market today at an affordable rate. We are honored to provide our malpractice services to many well-known organizations.