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Our tailored physical therapist liability insurance policies are designed to protect your assets and cover your expenses in the event of a suit being brought against your business.

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Like FYZICAL, CM&F is dedicated to simplifying physical therapy clinic growth, and creating opportunity for physical therapists, otolaryngologists and audiologists by offering affordable, comprehensive insurance solutions you can rely on.

With affordable professional liability, general liability, as well as cyber liability coverage leading to savings of up to 40%, FYZICAL has made it easy to pick a liability insurance policy that protects your franchise.

FYZICAL has partnered with CM&F Group to bring fitness & rehabilitation professionals the most comprehensive and lowest cost physical therapy liability insurance policy in the market today. Our physical therapy malpractice insurance is tailored to the needs of your individual clinic, designed to protect your assets, license and the reputation of your business.

For over 30 years, CM&F has been insuring Physical Therapy clinics and individual professionals in fitness & rehab with an easy-to-obtain, affordable, comprehensive physical therapist liability insurance plan. Our innovation and investment in technology for business insurance solutions in the healthcare space has allowed CM&F the opportunity to have competitively priced premium rates that can show a savings of up to 40% for physical therapy clinics across the nation.

We focus on you, so you can focus on your business & patients without hesitancy.

Insurance Designed With You In Mind!

Our physical therapist liability insurance is tailored to your needs, follows you wherever you practice, and is designed to protect your personal assets, license and reputation so you can focus on your patients.

Portable, Flexible Coverage

- Coverage options up to $2 Million Per Claim
- Full Consent to Settle Claims
- License Defense Coverage
- General Liability Available
- Defense Costs in Addition to Liability Limits
- HIPAA Defense Coverage
- 24/7 Coverage Portable Coverage – Take your policy with you if you change jobs

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Competitively Priced Group Options

For over 30 years we have served Physical Therapists with reliable policies. CM&F's innovative technology and efficient processes have allowed us to bring Physical Therapy Clinics rates that are often 40% lower than the competition.

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Cyber Liability Add-On

Be protected in the event of a lawsuit arising from patient data theft. The costs associated with an unforeseen cyber incident causing HIPAA violations and data security breaches can be damaging to business owners. It is imperative that companies of all sizes have some kind of protection to avoid becoming the target of an attack.

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Why Choose CM&F?

Just like FYZICAL, CM&F Group wants fitness & rehabilitation professionals to focus on one thing, helping their clients. Fitness & rehabilitation professionals work directly with clients in order to help them meet their physical goals. As a result, they are susceptible malpractice claims. Whether the claims are ultimately true or not, the repercussions could have a devastating impact on both their career and their personal assets.

CM&F Group offers insurance protection that will protect you if medical malpractice claims arise due to negligence accusations. You should be able to do your job without constant fear of litigation. CM&F provides the coverage at a low cost, eliminating risk. In addition, the policy is portable, and will go wherever you go, ensuring you are always protected. It allows you to devote all your attention to your clients and ultimately provide them a better experience.

Benefits of CM&F Coverage

  • Coverage Options up to $2 Million Per Claim
  • Full Consent to Settle Claims
  • License Defense Coverage
  • General Liability Available
  • Defense Costs in Addition to Liability Limits
  • HIPAA Defense Coverage
  • 24/7 Portable Coverage

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The Partnership Between Fyzical and CM&F Group

CM&F and FYZICAL have formed a unique partnership that will bring quality care as well as tailored liability solutions to clients and professionals alike. As a team, we are a partnership of companies with similar core values as well as a true commitment to the rehabilitation community. With years of experience, and plenty of room for growth, CM&F and FYZICAL hope share a successful partnership for years to come.

FYZICAL’s decision to partner with a quality insurance liability program and a reputable company that has been in the insurance industry since 1919 shows a commitment to continued growth. As partners, we believe that if we treat our clients with respect and care, while supplying them with the highest quality medical malpractice insurance program offered in the market today, we gain loyal clients for life.

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