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Informative resources to help you understand your malpractice insurance options, to better manage your risks, and to grow your career without fear of litigation.

Malpractice insurance, also known as professional liability insurance, is insurance coverage that protects healthcare providers from lawsuits in case of an incident or negligence claim. With a history of insuring professionals since 1919, CM&F Group has grown to offer malpractice insurance to over 150 healthcare professions. Having an individual malpractice insurance policy offers the necessary peace of mind allowing professionals to work without fear of litigation.

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The CM&F knowledge center is designed to bring professionals practical information relevant to their field.​​ You will find resources to help you understand professional liability insurance as it relates to your profession, the various organizations available to you as you navigate your career, as well as helpful advice to grow your career.

Working with industry associations and healthcare leaders, we have complied a vast amount of information from key insurance terms you need to know to salary figures and career growth opportunities, as well as blog posts on best practices, tips and advice.

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CM&F is not your typical professional liability insurance provider. CM&F clients are provided with frequent risk education resources, and have a direct line of contact to our team always.

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