Our Insurance Carriers

The insurance company you rely on matters. Thousands of professionals have trusted CM&F with their career, and it’s easy to see why. CM&F only partners with insurance carriers who carry the highest A.M. Best ratings in the market today!

CM&F strategically selects partners based on their proven success, acceptance by the marketplace, and dedication to innovation.

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CM&F's Top-Rated Carrier Partners

CM&F is committed to offering superior insurance products underwritten only by the best insurance carriers in the market.

MedPro Group

MedPro Group, a Berkshire Hathaway Company helps CM&F deliver on our promise to bring our clients peace of mind. For over 100 years, MedPro Group has been protecting the assets and reputations of healthcare providers across the nation. CM&F Group partners with MedPro Group due to their unsurpassed financial strength ratings of A++ (A.M. Best) and AA+ (Standard & Poor's), and commitment to healthcare providers as evidenced in the 400,000+ claims managed since 1899. With a 90% medical malpractice trail win rate and closing 80% of claims without payment, CM&F knows MedPro Group is reliable, stable and a clear choice when it comes to healthcare liability insurance carriers.


Patient data theft is a threat to healthcare practices or businesses across the globe. CM&F is dedicated to bringing peace of mind to business owners so they can focus on providing healthcare services, rather than implications of a data breach. To ensure reliable, comprehensive coverage that is easy to obtain and effective in the case of a lawsuit, CM&F has partnered with Brit, a global specialty insurer focused on underwriting the complex risks business owners face daily. Brit's highly experience team has earned a reputation of standing by their commitments, in a swift and fair manner knowing when to fast track the simple things and how to best address the more complex issues.

Lloyd’s of London

Partnering with Lloyd's of London guarantees access to a network of unparalleled strength, trusted security, exceptional service and high standards that CM&F's clients can rely on. Lloyd's of London is a leading, global specialist insurance carrier and is considered a pioneer in the insurance space. Lloyd's has protected assets and promoted growth of business owners over the last 330 years driven by their purpose that sharing the risk creates a braver world. In line with CM&F's dedication to bring peace of mind to our client's, we believe Lloyd's makes a perfect strategic partner that shares the risk, allowing our client's to run a business and practice without the fear of lawsuit claims.

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