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Needlestick and Felonious Assault Insurance

The CDC estimates about 385,000 sharps-related injuries every year*. Despite advanced protective equipment and best practices, the risk of blood-borne infection through needle, sharp or splash remains a very real threat to all nurses. That’s why CM&F’s Rescue for Nurses is so very important…and starting at less than $5 per month it’s accessible to every nurse in the country.

Although we can’t prevent accidents like these from happening, we can give you control of the outcome.  By providing nurses with a cost-effective, easy to understand, INDIVIDUAL benefit, we can help you get your life back on track. You may have a similar benefit through your employer, but what if you have multiple employers or you do volunteer work?  Are you covered everywhere you provide services? Rescue for Nurses takes the guesswork out and gives you back some confidence about your future.

*According to the CDC’s Stop Sticks Campaign

CM&F’s Rescue for Nurses Advantage

Easy To Understand Benefits

If you contract a covered Hep B, Hep C, or HIV infection from a sharps-related or other covered incident, as outlined in the policy, you get a $100,000 benefit...Or, if you are a victim of a covered felonious assault on the job, we will pay you $250 a day for 10 days if you are hospitalized. It's a pretty simple solution.

It Travels With You

As an individual benefit, our policy follows you wherever you work, so you always know you are protected. Most employers these days are cutting back their plans due to rising benefits costs, but with your own policy, you know you are always protected, whether or not your employer provides coverage.

It's Cost-Effective

Rescue for Nurses costs an average of $5 a month, or on average $55 per year! The reason it is so inexpensive is that it is so simple. Many employer-based plans offer a wide array of benefits, which you may or may not need, which drives the cost up. We wanted to help nurses with a SPECIFIC problem and make it more cost-effective than you might think.

The Needlestick Benefit

If you are stuck while on the job with a sharps-related item during the policy period and as a result you test positive for a covered Hep B, Hep C or HIV infection within 180 days, then you qualify for the $100,000 benefit.  There is no haggling about other insurance or percentages of your income.


Felonious Assault Benefit

If you are a victim of a covered felonious assault on the job and are admitted into a hospital as an inpatient as a result, the policy will pay a benefit of $250 per day you are hospitalized, for up to 10 days.  This could help you with your health insurance deductible or even supplement some of your lost earnings when you miss work.


It’s Your Money, Use It However You’d Like

Once you receive the benefit, it’s your money, so you can use it however it helps you the most.  Use it to supplement your lost income, pay your rent or mortgage, student loans or even purchase medication while you get pre-authorization from your health insurance company.

BAH SR 2017-1

Is the benefit dependent on my income?

No. Unlike disability, worker’s compensation or some other insurance policies, which usually only pay you a portion of your salary, you receive the full $100,000.

What can I spend the money on?

Whatever you want! If you receive the benefit, it’s yours to use however you’d like. That means you can use it to help cover the cost of medical bills, child care, household expenses, or even pay off your school loans.

Aren’t I already covered by my employer?

You probably have SOME coverage through your employer, but most insurance will only cover a percentage of your salary, leaving you short of where you were prior to the injury. Our policy pays a flat benefit amount, regardless of your income.

How much does it cost?

The best thing about our policy is the price. At an average of $55 per year, our policy is much more cost effective than many comparable plans through employers.

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