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AAPA Endorsed Liability Insurance For PAs

Family owned since 1919, CM&F believes in great products, better technology and the best service.  Our commitment to the PA Profession dates back to its inception in the 1970s, and our policy has been endorsed by the AAPA for more than 15 years.  The insurance company you rely on matters.  In the last 25 years, PAs have been exposed to large liability claims with no insurance protection after their insurance company went out of business.  CM&F has always partnered with the strongest and most committed liability insurance companies to offer the most competitive and reliable PA insurance in the market.  You will most likely never end up in a lawsuit, but if you are, the protection you have matters.  Trust CM&F to be there when you need it most.    

The CM&F Advantage

Outstanding Service

CM&F has a fully staffed customer support center with knowledgeable agents providing both online and phone support.  9 out of 10 clients say they would recommend CM&F to a friend or colleague, so reach out, we’re here to help!


Carrier Strength

Our program is underwritten by top-rated Medical Protective, rated A++ (Superior) by A.M. Best.  As the nation's oldest provider of healthcare malpractice liability insurance, Medical Protective has been protecting the assets and reputations of healthcare providers for over 100 years.


Quote & Buy With Ease

Most of our products are online and fully automated.  Our online application process is quick and easy and will have you on your way in minutes, with evidence of coverage in hand.  Get coverage and get credentialed today!  


PA Protect®

PA Protect® is CM&F Group's flagship product for PAs, offering comprehensive protection for PAs of all specialties.  PA Protect® is portable, and follows from job to job so you never have to worry about whether you are being covered adequately by your employer.  Our program offers Occurrence and Claims Made options as well as discounts for Part Time and Moonlighting PAs. We even offer a Claims Made Convertible option, which allows you to transition your Claims Made policy to Occurrence coverage, without paying for a Tail.  Whatever your needs, CM&F's PA Protect® has you covered!

AAPA New To Practice®

As you are considering all of your different options post-graduation, consider this: CM&F's AAPA New To Practice® product offers full liability protection to newly graduated PAs for a fraction of the cost! Premiums start at $300 in your first year, saving you thousands of dollars on your liability insurance in those crucial first few years.  Not only to do premiums start low, they stay low, gradually increasing to the full premium over 6 years.

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Free PA Student Coverage

Our commitment to the PA community runs deep, and we have always believed that it's in the best interest of all PAs to get themselves covered early, even as students.  However, with the cost of tuition ever increasing, we wanted to find a way to help PA Students, not contribute to their debt.  That is why we now offer coverage for Student PAs, for  FREE!  There are no gimmicks and no tricks, you get the same coverage as a PA-C at no cost to you.  Click Here to get more information and get covered online in less than 5 minutes today!

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We work with both retail and wholesale brokers of all sizes.  All brokers have access to our entire product portfolio and earn the highest commissions in the industry.  Partner with us today!

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