Legal Nurse Consultant Malpractice Insurance

The essentials and benefits of having professional malpractice insurance

What is Legal Nurse Consultant Malpractice Insurance?

Professional malpractice insurance for legal nurse consultants (LNCs) protects legal nurses from potential malpractice claims. Liability insurance for legal nurse consultants is important for protecting the personal assets of LNCs. Whether you are an LPN or RN, professional liability insurance for legal nurse consultants will give you the coverage you need so you can focus on providing your services without worrying about a malpractice lawsuit.

What Risks Do I Face as Legal Nurse Consultant That Warrants Malpractice Insurance for Legal Nurse Consultants?

Legal nurse consultants are members of a specialty service group in which former or currently practicing registered nurses or licensed practical nurses provide valuable consultation on medical cases to attorneys. A LNC is not an attorney or a paralegal, but they evaluate the medical or health-related aspects of a case and make sure they are being handled accurately and appropriately. Because of the types of responsibilities legal nurse consultants can have, professional liability insurance for legal nurse consultants is essential. CM&F LNC liability insurance covers nurses consulting in the legal field from within an independent consulting practice, an insurance company, or those working at law firms. Advising at this level of specialty using an advanced level of nursing expertise and knowledge makes having legal nurse malpractice insurance very important. CM&F’s coverage is comprehensive, including cover for unexpected legal fees in the event of a malpractice lawsuit.

Why Do I Need Malpractice Insurance for Legal Nurse Consultants?

Our legal nurse malpractice insurance protects nursing professionals for amounts that would otherwise need to be paid as a result of a professional liability claim arising out of a covered medical incident. Maintaining consistent and comprehensive LNC malpractice insurance is important due to the legal ramifications of this profession. Liability insurance for LNCs will give professionals confidence, knowing they can perform job functions to the best of their abilities with peace of mind.

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