Malpractice Insurance for Kaleidoscope Family Solutions & Delta-T Group Members

Malpractice insurance for behavioral health service providers including, but not limited to, behavior therapists, psychologists, social workers, and mental health counselors. Professional liability coverage that is tailored to your unique business, so you can focus on meeting your patients’ needs.

What’s the goal of any insurance policy? To get you the best policy possible while keeping your costs down and minimizing your risk. That’s why Kaleidoscope Family Solutions and Delta-T Group have partnered with CM&F to provide you the right policy and help save you money on insurance costs. What could be better than that?

With some of the lowest costs on the market, and the ability to practice telehealth/telemedicine under one policy, CM&F makes getting the right liability insurance coverage easy. Practice virtually or in-person without fear of litigation, knowing CM&F has your back.

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Comprehensive, Affordable, Reliable & Easy Malpractice Insurance

You should be able to do your job or run a clinic without constant fear of litigation. CM&F Group offers insurance protection in the case that medical malpractice claims arise due to negligent accusations. CM&F policies are portable, and will go wherever you go, ensuring you are always protected. The malpractice insurance is tailored to your specific professional or clinic needs, designed to protect your assets, your license, and your reputation. It is an easy-to-obtain, affordable, comprehensive liability insurance plan.

Focus on your patients. We’ll protect your personal assets, license and reputation.

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Why Choose CM&F?

For over 100 years, CM&F has been insuring professionals across the healthcare industry with easy-to-obtain, low-cost, comprehensive professional liability insurance. We have made it our mission to partner with prominent leaders in the healthcare space to ensure we fully understand the needs of the many professions we cover.

Like CM&F group, Kaleidoscope Family Solutions and Delta-T Group see the importance of having a personal professional liability policy that is portable and comprehensive.

  • Coverage Options up to $2 Million per Claim
  • Full Consent to Settle Claims
  • Telemedicine/Telehealth Coverage
  • License Defense Coverage
  • General Liability Available
  • Defense Costs in Addition to Liability Limits
  • Sexual Misconduct Defense
  • HIPAA Defense Coverage
  • 24/7 Portable Coverage That Covers You Everywhere You Go – Even in Volunteer, Telehealth, Per Diem or Moonlighting Assignments

The Partnership Between Kaleidoscope Family Solutions, Delta-T Group and CM&F Group

CM&F, Kaleidoscope Family Solutions and Delta-T Group have formed a unique partnership with similar core values and a true commitment to the medical professional communities.

Kaleidoscope Family Solutions is a behavioral health services provider focused on improving the lives of those with autism and intellectual disabilities. It services Medicaid and state programs that provide services to consumers through home and community supports. The type of services the consumers receive are community integration, behavioral supports, independent skill-building, respite and other similar services. KFS serves consumers in PA, DE, NJ, MA, RI and MD and engages providers that specialize in supporting our programs including but not limited to social work, human service staff and behavioral health providers.

Delta-T Group is a nationwide niche behavioral health referral service. It provides marketing, credentialing and billing support to professionals in the industry, including but not limited to, psychologists, social workers, mental health counselors and other specialized providers focused on improving the lives of others by building their client base. Delta-T supports clients throughout the United States through its 14 regional offices from Arizona to Massachusetts.

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