Benefits of CM&F Nurse Practitioner Malpractice Insurance

What is Malpractice Insurance for Nurse Practitioners?

Malpractice insurance for nurse practitioners provides NP professionals with protection from patients or coworkers who claim their negligence at work caused an injury. This could be a wrong diagnosis, a sexual assault claim, an infraction of HIPPA privacy laws, or any claims of negligence. While many employers may offer coverage against malpractice related claims, the interests of the employee are viewed as secondary.

With individual NP malpractice insurance coverage, the monetary coverage and policy benefits are guaranteed for the policy owner’s sole use. Nurse practitioner liability insurance protects you from litigation expenses, as well as gives you a team of industry experts that fight for your personal assets, professional credentials, and financial future.

Do NPs need professional nurse practitioner liability insurance?

It is recommended that NPs have their own nurse practitioner insurance policy that puts their personal interests first. If an NP depends solely on their employer’s insurance policy, their interest will likely be viewed as secondary to the employer, clinic, or office that owns the policy. The employer’s shared liability insurance policy may also have inadequate coverage limits should a claim be made against multiple employees, or the entire clinic. That means that other policy holders could use a significant portion of the coverage which leaves little for other professionals, enhancing the risk of personal losses. An individual malpractice policy is the best way for nurse practitioners to protect their career. Having your own nurse practitioner liability insurance policy means having a team that is focused on YOUR personal interests, not your employers, co-workers or anyone else involved.

What Benefits Does an Individual Nurse Practitioner Malpractice Insurance Policy with CM&F Offer Compared to Other Nursing Insurance Providers?

Not all nurse practitioner insurance plans are created equal. CM&F has created a tailored insurance policy to meet the specific needs of nurse practitioners, offering peace of mind as they perform their everyday responsibilities. CM&F’s dedication to innovating the insurance marketplace with an automated quoting engine and advanced technology makes it possible to keep the nurse practitioner malpractice insurance cost affordable, all while underwriting the most comprehensive policies in the market.

In as little as 5 minutes, CM&F’s NP malpractice insurance quote engine can provide any NP with a quote, and option to purchase coverage that is effective immediately (or on a later date, as far in advance as 90 days, if selected).

What types of NP malpractice insurance policies does CM&F offer?

Basic Malpractice Insurance Policy Options:

  • Occurrence

  • Claims-Made

There are two types of basic malpractice insurance policy options: Occurrence and Claims-Made. CM&F offers occurrence malpractice insurance for NPs, in addition to claims-made policies. An occurrence policy means that if a claim is made against a nurse practitioner regarding a past incident that occurred during a time they were previously covered under CM&F liability insurance, that claim will be covered by CM&F even if the nurse practitioner has since ended their liability coverage. Since most malpractice claims are made 18-24 months after an incident occurs, this type of protection is very important. Claims-made insurance policies only protect professionals if they have insurance at the time of the claim. With occurrence policy insurance, there is no need for nurse practitioners to renew or buy tail coverage should they choose to leave CM&F or retire.

Where is my nurse practitioner insurance applicable?

CM&F malpractice insurance for nurse practitioners is portable, which means as the nurse practitioner moves, so does the coverage. CM&F’s malpractice insurance is attached to the individual NP, not their place of work. Not having your own, portable coverage separate from your employer’s shared policy limits your protection to duties performed for that sole practice. For nurse practitioners who moonlight, work at multiple places, or have private clients, a portable malpractice insurance plan is a must – and with CM&F, only one policy is required to cover the individual at any amount of workplaces.

The CM&F Advantage

Average Savings of $900 Annually

CM&F was founded over a century ago. Through up and down markets, CM&F’s dedication to nurse practitioners has never wavered. CM&F remains committed to making it easy and cost effective to secure vital professional coverage with:
  • A++ Rated Insurance & Lowest Priced Nurse Liability Insurance Products
  • Outstanding Customer Service with a Direct Contact Line
  • Superior Claims Management
  • Fast Automated Application Process
  • 24/7 Access to Your Personal Online Document Archive

Resources for Nurse Practitoners

At CM&F, we believe in the importance of a lifelong relationship, and in order to build that we are dedicated to being an educational resource for NPs. To accomplish this we have compiled a vast amount of information from salary figures, to career growth opportunities, and even blog posts written by fellow healthcare professionals.

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