9 Questions Every Nursing Professional Should Ask When Starting a New Job

As a nursing professional, the following list of questions are important to review with your new employer, or even with your existing employer as you change positions. Use the below guide to help you get the answers you need as you move on in your career.

What are the job responsibilities of a nursing professional at your company?

Nursing professionals’ responsibilities can span a variety of areas depending on the field you enter, the size of your place of employment, or even local laws and regulations enforced by the state medical board. It is always a good idea to clarify what your daily responsibilities are, what your employer’s expectations are, and what you are legally allowed or not allowed to practice.

Are there any nursing continuing education opportunities to further my career as a nurse?

The nursing profession goes far beyond checking the height, weight and vitals of a patient. As state laws change, and medical boards expand the roles of nurses, advancing your education, keeping current with medical best practices or getting specialty certificates for specific fields of nursing are just a few of the myriad ways nursing professionals can expand their career.

As you further study the nursing profession, it is especially vital to have your own professional nursing liability insurance policy. Even if your employer is encouraging or paying for you to get continuing education, their liability insurance policy will not cover you outside of the office and your regular working hours.

CM&F’s malpractice insurance for nursing professionals is comprehensive and flexible, designed to fluctuate with the changing relevant laws, so you know you are always covered within scope of practice as outlined within your policy.

What is the starting salary of my position? How does that compare to the average?

Salary negotiations are often a tough subject for interviewees, newly hired or newly promoted employees. Make sure to do research on the starting, average and maximum salary rates for your position, in your medical field, in your state. With the salary being offered, also be sure to measure the additional benefits like PTO, continuing education or access to personal professional nursing insurance.

What is the cost of nursing malpractice insurance or professional liability insurance for nurses?

The cost of malpractice insurance for nurses varies depending on position, type of coverage, and location. With CM&F, malpractice insurance is affordable and comprehensive with plans as low as $8.00 dollars a month. Our competitors cannot match our low prices as well as our all-encompassing coverage plans. To learn more about pricing for your specific profession in your state, give us a call or get a quote online.

What do I need to do to succeed as a nursing professional?

Know the expectations of your employer. If you know the expectations and meet or exceed them on a daily basis, as well as show drive and motivation to grow, your career will advance in no time. CM&F is adamant about protecting the livelihood of nursing professionals for this very reason. A professional liability insurance policy for nurses with CM&F eliminates personal financial risk, damages to your reputation, as well as license or medical board repercussions.

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