Salary Information for Physician Assistant

With increased salary comes increased responsibility, leading to an increase of risk in being held liable for medical malpractice. The cost of having your own PA malpractice insurance is nothing compared to the impact a claim can have on your personal assets.

As you look to expand your career, and grow your future, evaluate the below list for your goal salary or use this data to help inform salary negotiations. Whether you’re a physician assistant student looking ahead to the future, or a professional looking to move up the pay scale into another position, its important to know this basic information. CM&F’s PA liability insurance policies support and cover physician assistant professionals of all education levels.

PA needing malpractice insurance

CM&F encourages aspiring physician assistants looking to advance their career through additional education by providing comprehensive physician assistant malpractice insurance. CM&F’s malpractice insurance for physician associates is designed to protect you 24/7 wherever you go, with whomever you are working. The policy is your own. So, if you are studying, you are protected with physician assistant student malpractice insurance. When you go to your daytime or weekend job as a PA, you are protected.

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The CM&F Advantage

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CM&F was founded over a century ago. Through up and down markets, CM&F’s dedication to physician assistants has never wavered. CM&F remains committed to making it easy and cost effective to secure vital professional coverage with: