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Electronic Signature and Policy Delivery Terms and Conditions

We’re committed to getting you the policy you need to feel comfortable working and the documents you need to keep working in minutes! Below are our terms of use for receiving your Policy Documents electronically.

The Electronic Signature and Policy Delivery Terms and Conditions set forth below address the circumstances under which you agree to conduct business with The CM&F Group, Inc. (“CM&F”)or its affiliates. In order to transact business electronically, your consent is needed. Please review the terms and conditions below.

By selecting the “I understand and agree to the Electronic Signature and Policy Delivery Terms and Conditions” button, you are signing this application for insurance electronically, thereby providing your electronic signature. You agree your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of your manual signature and that your electronic signature constitutes your acceptance and agreement as if this application was signed by you in writing. Furthermore, you consent to be legally bound by all statements made by you in this application for insurance. You also agree that no certification authority or other third party verification is necessary to validate your electronic signature and that lack of any such certification or verification will not in any way affect the enforceability of your electronic signature.

Additionally, by selecting the “I understand and agree to the Electronic Signature and Policy Delivery Terms and Conditions” button, I affirmatively consent to electronic delivery of my insurance policy issued by CM&F or its affiliates (“Policy”). I understand that: (1) my Policy will be delivered by electronic means, and not by paper; (2) I have waived any right to receive my Policy by mail or any other delivery method; and, (3) my consent applies only to the delivery of my Policy through electronic means.

System Requirements: Electronic documents are published in HyperText Markup Language (HTML) or Portable Document Format (PDF). By submitting this application electronically with my payment, I confirm that I can access and retain documents in HTML or PDF format. In order to participate in this program, I will need an email address, a secure login provided by CM&F, Internet access, and an Internet browser that is HTML JavaScript enabled. I will be advised if there is a material change in the hardware or software requirements. The revised requirements will be described and I will be given the opportunity to withdraw my consent without charge or imposition of any conditions or consequences not described below.

Receiving Email: I may provide or update my email address at any time by visiting www.mycmfaccount.com, or by calling CM&F’s customer service at 1-800-221-4904.

Special Notice for Policyholders in the State of Kentucky: The policyholder who elects to allow for this Policy to be sent to the email address provided by the policyholder should be aware that the election operates as consent by the policyholder for the Policy to be sent electronically. Therefore, the policyholder should be diligent in updating the email address provided in the event that address should change.

Requesting and Viewing Electronic Documents: I can view electronic documents on CM&F’s secure client portal, located at www.mycmfaccount.com. Without revoking my consent, I can request a paper copy of my Policy by calling CM&F at 1-800-221-4904.

Changing Selections or Revoking Consent: My consent is effective until further notice to CM&F. At any time, I may withdraw my consent and receive paper documents, or update my email address or contact information by visiting CM&F’s secure client portal, located at www.mycmfaccount.com. Even if I consent to receive documents electronically, I may request paper documents at any time by calling CM&F at 1-800-221-4904. After I withdraw my consent, which may take up to four (4) days to process, all future Policies will be provided to me in paper form. Withdrawal of my consent will not affect the legal enforceability of my Policy, or result in the imposition of additional fees, conditions or consequences not previously described.