Childbirth Educator Malpractice Insurance

The essentials and benefits of having professional malpractice insurance

What is Professional Malpractice Insurance for Childbirth Educators?

Professional malpractice insurance for childbirth educators or perinatal educators provides insurance coverage in the event that a claim or malpractice lawsuit is filed against them. As childbirth educators see their roles expand, the risk of being included in a malpractice suit also increases, making CBE malpractice insurance more important than ever. For perinatal professionals who are concerned about potential liability under these circumstances, the best way to combat the risk of litigation is to obtain a childbirth educator liability insurance policy.

As A Childbirth Educator, What Risks Do I Face That May Require Professional Malpractice Insurance Coverage?

A childbirth educator provides comprehensive information to expectant parents about pregnancy, labor and delivery as well as the options they have for birthing plans to help them overcome the anxiety they may have about the process. A childbirth educator will also design or lead classes on pregnancy and parenthood with a focus on post-birth care. Although childbirth educators or perinatal educators are not clinicians, meaning they do not provide medical advice, prescribe medicines, or make diagnoses, CBE’s are part of a team of healthcare professionals delivering sometimes complex medical service to patients and their families during an emotionally charged period of their lives. Under those circumstances, having the right perinatal educator malpractice insurance gives you as a childbirth educator peace of mind that your personal interests and financial assets are being protected.

What Kind of Professional Liability Insurance for Childbirth Educators Do I Need?

Childbirth educator liability insurance is designed to protect personal assets and cover unexpected legal expenses in the event of a professional liability lawsuit. Even if you do not provide childbirth education services as an independent contractor, you should confirm the amount and type of professional liability insurance coverage offered to you by your employer. Having childbirth educator malpractice insurance coverage is an important consideration, regardless if you are self-employed or employed by a public or private clinic, hospital, or other health care group. If you are concerned about your employer’s liability insurance coverage, the best protection against any allegation is having individual perinatal educator liability insurance at a reasonable cost that will protect your personal interests and assets.

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