Telemedicine Malpractice Insurance

All CM&F liability insurance products include telemedicine malpractice coverage, so long as healthcare providers are within scope of practice according to state laws.

Telemedicine Malpractice Is Included In All Policies

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Are telemedicine services covered in a malpractice insurance policy?

While malpractice insurance policies from other providers may exclude telemedicine/telehealth in the fine print, CM&F includes telemedicine/telehealth services as part of your coverage. CM&F’s professional liability insurance policies offer robust coverage that is in line with your scope of practice and follows the parameters of the relevant laws (whether state or federal).

Consult your national and state associations (and licensing boards), as well as your personal attorney if you have questions about what you can and cannot do as a practitioner.

As innovators in the healthcare industry, CM&F fully embraces and supports our clients in the use of telemedicine technology to improve the access, quality and affordability of healthcare for their patients.

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By obtaining malpractice insurance from CM&F Group, you cover your bases protecting yourself from unforeseeable problems in the future with 24/7 portable coverage that protects you within all delivery methods of patient care – in-person or virtual.

Telemedicine Malpractice For Individuals

Fear should not leave capable practitioners, whether NPs, PAs, Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists, or any other healthcare provider within their scope of practice, who want to offer telemedicine services, from being able to do so. If you are within scope of practice according to relevant laws, we have your back.

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Telemedicine & Telehealth for Clinics

CM&F is an advocate for leveraging technology to improve patient-provider engagement. Telehealth increases access to healthcare expertise and quality, as well as provides an additional revenue stream for providers. We are here to protect the reputation and future of your business

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Cyber Risk Is Heightened

Cyber activity is higher right now in the Pandemic because almost everyone is working from home, and Cyber Criminals are not going to wait out the Pandemic to take advantage of folks that are in a tough spot. Take on this new opportunity with increased caution, but not fear as we are prepared to protect our clients with Cyber ProGuard, a policy with limits of up to $1MM.

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CM&F Group is dedicated to helping our clients adopt virtual medicine practices. We actively partner with associations and brands that further technological innovation within the healthcare industry.

A Telehealth Solution for PTs and Patients Alike

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Take Your Acupuncture Clinic Online

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Furthering PA Growth in Telemedicine

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How do I apply for professional liability or malpractice insurance?

It is easy. Our applications are now available online and take not much longer than 5 minutes to apply and checkout with coverage.

How quickly can I get my coverage documents?

You can either apply online or download your application and mail or fax it to our offices. Below are the turn around times for each method:

  • If you apply for coverage online via our CM&F Online Web Applications*, you can pay for and receive proof of coverage in MINUTES!
  • Printing and Mailing a PDF application can delay the receipt of your coverage documents by a few weeks due to mailing time.
  • You can always fax your paper application to 212-608-4378, and we will process within a few business days, then mail your policy documents out to you, which may take a week or more.

If you have the ability to pay with a VISA or MasterCard, we recommend applying for coverage online.

The process usually takes less than 10 minutes to complete and once you submit your application, you are emailed your coverage documents in minutes--No Delay, No Headache.

If you can't complete the online application but need your documents right away, you can always fax your application to the number above and include a note directly on the application requesting that we mail or fax your documents as soon as we process.

Are your plans flexible and customizable to the coverage options I need?

Our insurance plans are extremely flexible. We offer full time, part time and moonlighting policies for almost all professionals.

How do I upgrade or reduce my insurance coverage (limits of liability, hours I work per week, etc.)?

We allow many of our clients to make updates during the renewal. If you need to make a change mid-policy call or email us directly.

I’m starting my own company. Do you have a policy that will cover my company for malpractice?

Absolutely. We have liability coverage for individuals, sole-proprietors, clinics, schools and groups. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

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