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PTPN is committed to furthering the advancement of physical therapy clinics through cost-savings, growth opportunities, and risk protection. Recognizing the same commitment through CM&F’s offering of affordable and comprehensive PT malpractice insurance, PTPN recommends members use CM&F to access tailor-made PT insurance solutions that are over 50% cheaper than other liability insurance providers in the market.

With some of the lowest costs on the market, and the ability to practice telehealth/telemedicine under one policy, CM&F makes getting the right physical therapist liability insurance coverage easy. Practice virtually or in-person without fear of litigation, knowing CM&F has your back.

Not Having Malpractice

CM&F PA Liability Insurance

Just like AAPA, CM&F Group wants PAs to focus on one thing, helping their patients. PA professionals work directly with clients, and as a result they are susceptible to malpractice claims. Whether the claims are ultimately true or not, the repercussions could have a devastating impact on both their career and their personal assets.

Our PA liability insurance is tailored to your individual needs covering you wherever you go. An individual liability insurance policy is designed to protect your assets, license and reputation regardless of employer and place of work.

With affordable individual malpractice coverage options, as well as general and cyber liability coverage options, the AAPA has made it easy to pick a reliable professional liability insurance company that protects your own personal interests.

Focus on your patients. We’ll protect your personal assets, license and reputation.

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By obtaining malpractice insurance from CM&F Group, you cover your bases protecting yourself from unforeseeable problems in the future with 24/7 portable coverage that protects you within all delivery methods of patient care – in-person or virtual.

CM&F PA Liability Insurance Benefit

*Full coverage policy option – Recommended

  • Coverage Options up to $2 Million Per Claim
  • Full Consent to Settle Claims
  • License Defense Coverage
  • General Liability Available
  • Defense Costs in Addition to Liability Limits
  • Sexual Misconduct Defense
  • HIPAA Defense Coverage
  • Telemedicine Coverage

CM&F PA AssetGuard Benefits

*Discounted, lower coverage policy option – Secondary to employer

  • Affordable Occurrence Coverage
  • Liability Limits Of $100,000 Per Incident
  • Defense Costs Paid In Addition To Liability Limits
  • Licensure Defense Coverage
  • HIPAA Defense Coverage
  • Deposition Defense Coverage
  • Telemedicine Coverage
  • Personal Asset & Financial Future Protection
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The Partnership Between AAPA and CM&F Group

CM&F and AAPA have formed a unique partnership that will bring quality care as well as tailored liability solutions to PA professionals across the nation. As a team, we are a partnership of companies with similar core values as well as a true commitment to the PA professional community. With years of experience, and plenty of room for growth, now expanding in virtual & telemedicine, CM&F and AAPA will continue to work together to advance PA growth.

Together, CM&F and AAPA are continually reviewing the policy terms and annual premiums to ensure PAs have access to the very best today’s market has to offer.

Doctor and Patient

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The CM&F Advantage

Protect Your Business With Award Winning Coverage

The cost to notify one patient of a data breach is ~$400. Fortunately, the annual rate for CyberProGuard® is approximately equivalent to the cost of notifying just three patients, but provides up to $1MM in coverage for most CM&F clients.

CM&F was founded over a century ago. Through up and down markets, CM&F’s dedication to healthcare professionals has never wavered. CM&F remains committed to making it easy and cost-effective to secure vital professional coverage with:

* excludes taxes and fees

  • Up to $1MM in Coverage
  • 24/7 Access to DataSafe Portal & Customer Service
  • Free Cyber Risk Report for Your Business
  • Online Training For You & Your Employees
  • Fast, Automated Application Process

Benefits of CM&F Malpractice Insurance Coverage

  • Coverage Options up to $2 Million per Claim
  • Full Consent to Settle Claims
  • License Defense Coverage Included
  • Sexual Misconduct Defense Included
  • Add Additional Insureds At Anytime
  • General Liability Available
  • Defense Costs in Addition to Liability Limits
  • HIPAA Defense Coverage Included
  • Telemedicine/Telehealth Coverage Included
  • 24/7 Portable Coverage That Covers You Everywhere You Go, Even in Volunteer, Per Diem or Contracted Work Assignments

Need More Help?

What are the chances I will be injured on the job?

OSHA estimates that 5.6 million healthcare workers are at risk of occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens. Approximately 385,000 sharps-related injuries are sustained by hospital-based healthcare workers each year; an average of 1,000 per day.

How costly are sharps injuries?

Treatment costs associated with needlestick injuries can range from $500 to $3,000. Antiviral treatment for Hep C may cost up to $95,000. Costs that are harder to quantify include the emotional cost associated with possible consequences of an exposure, costs associated with drug toxicities and lost time from work.

Is the benefit dependent on my income?

No. Unlike disability, workers compensation or some other insurance policies, which usually only pay you a portion of your salary, you receive the full $100,000 if you qualify under the policy.

Aren't I already covered by my employer?

You probably have SOME coverage through your employer, but most insurance will only cover a percentage of your salary, leaving you short of where you were prior to the injury. Our policy pays a flat benefit amount, regardless of your income.

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PT Malpractice Insurance Coverage

CM&F’s policies bring clients up to a 50% average annual savings.

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