A Note of Appreciation

May 12, 2020   |   Healthcare Professional

From our CEO, Jay Sullivan

CM&F Group is very grateful to all its client professionals for the heroic work they do each and every day servicing those in need. Whether it is a nurse caring for a sick child in the hospital, a PA or NP performing life-saving surgery, a physical therapist getting someone back on their feet again or a home health professional caring for family members in need. It is hard to put into words how much impact these professionals have on all of our lives.

Our role at CM&F is to provide you with protection, so when the unthinkable happens you can rest assured that your professional career and assets are protected. Part of that protection includes providing you with tools, resources, and information needed in order to be able to perform your job safely and efficiently.

To make sure you have everything you need to provide amazing care, we are starting a quarterly newsletter as a place to share these resources. Within the newsletter you will find expert insights from industry leaders, providing advice for both in and out of the workplace. Along with that, we will include can’t-miss updates about both the liability malpractice insurance industry and your policy specifically, along with anything new and innovative we have going on within CM&F.

Insurance protection, and liability insurance in particular, is critical to your ability to practice medicine. We’ll also showcase why CM&F provides the best liability protection in the market, and why it’s so important to be covered even if the majority of healthcare professionals will never actually use the policy.

We believe these same principles can be applied to all your insurance purchases throughout your life. Whether you are buying liability insurance protection with CM&F, or personal insurance from your local agent, we hope to help you make choices that will make you feel safe and valued.


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