AI Integration in Healthcare: A Practical Guide for Business Owners

January 8, 2024   |   Healthcare Professional

While ChatGPT became accessible to the public one year ago and took the media by storm, today, there are still a lot of business owners who haven’t tested out artificial intelligence. Healthcare practice owners who are busy running every aspect of their business often don’t have the time to be early technology adopters. 

But the truth is that there are a lot of quick, easy ways that AI can simplify your healthcare business. AI can help you automate tedious tasks, design presentations, summarize long content and generate content for emails and social media. 

Whether you’re actively using AI in your healthcare practice or just getting started, below are several tools worth checking out for simplifying healthcare business tasks in 2024. Most of the technology options below are available for free and are easy to use with a little practice.


AI-generated content for emails and social media

AI-generated content for emails and social media is an easy way to simplify communications within your healthcare business. AI technology can help you deliver relevant, personalized messages to patients, colleagues, referral sources and potential customers.

Here are just a few ideas for content to generate quickly with AI:

  • Custom email templates 
  • Responses to online reviews
  • New social media posts or social media posts from a longer form of content
  • Repurpose existing content into new formats
  • Customer service emails
  • Administrative notes and letters, such as communicating with insurance companies

You’ll need to spend time editing the content AI serves up to align with your brand voice and to ensure it’s accurate. Like with all AI, the more specific you are with your prompt, the better the responses will be.

Check out tools like ChatGPT and for AI-generated content. Tools like Grammarly can improve your writing once your blog is ready for the editing stage.

Customer service and appointment scheduling chatbots

In a survey of 1,000 patients, 80 percent of consumers said they want self-service online appointment scheduling. While online scheduling is challenging to implement in large health systems, smaller healthcare providers can adopt AI tools for automated appointments easily. 

Customer service chatbots are becoming increasingly popular in small healthcare practices. A customer service chatbot is a computer program that simulates conversations with patients and other users. With AI technology, these bots can be programmed to answer common questions quickly and accurately, freeing up valuable time for healthcare administrators.

Consider Chatbots for some of the following tasks:

  • Appointment scheduling, confirmation and cancellations
  • Insurance coverage,
  • Billing
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Provider matching

Chatbots allow for more efficient patient interactions and faster response times while reducing overhead costs. They integrate with your website, email and SMS, providing around-the-clock support.

Check out HIPAA-certified Chatbots designed specifically for healthcare, like IBM’s Watson and Hyro.

Summarize long content

AI-powered summarization tools are able to process large amounts of data much faster than humans. It’s a great tool to stay on top of research studies or any other long-form text. In the case of a lengthy research paper, dense with critical insights but time-consuming to navigate, try using an AI summarization tool. In seconds, the AI uses advanced algorithms to discern essential information and act as an intelligent filter. You can request a condensed comprehensive overview or bullet points of key ideas. 

For those healthcare business owners, where time is a precious resource, these tools prove instrumental in staying informed. Consider AI summarization tools as strategic aides, dramatically simplifying your information consumption process.

Paste the full text into a tool like ChatGPT to request a summary.

Design presentations

Whether you’re speaking at a conference or seeking venture capital funding for your healthcare business, up your presentation game with AI-powered design tools. AI design tools can help healthcare business owners create professional presentations quickly and easily, even with no design background. AI-driven tools can be used to generate slideshows, infographics or other visuals that help explain complex medical concepts or healthcare business plans in a more engaging way. 

Test out AI-driven tools to automatically format data into charts and graphs for easy interpretation, showcase case studies and present financial forecasts. 

Try for stunning presentations.

Market research

If you’re just starting your new healthcare business or considering a new service line, try using AI-driven tools for market research.  

AI-powered customer segmentation tools can categorize patients or clients based on demographic, geographic and psychographic factors. This allows you to gain detailed insights into the characteristics of your target base and tailor your offerings accordingly. 

AI-driven sentiment analysis tools can scan social media platforms for mentions of a particular business or service to gauge public opinion. 

Use ChatGPT for segmentation tools. Perplexity is great for market research because the responses include sources. Try GatherUp for Chattermill for sentiment analysis.

Some final tips for using AI in healthcare in 2024

While AI can be a powerful tool in your healthcare business in 2024, the technology is only as effective as the person leveraging it. Following are some key takeaways for getting the most out of AI as a healthcare business owner:

  1. Review responses carefully: Always check what the AI serves up for accuracy and biases. It’s not unusual for AI to “hallucinate” in a way that sounds authentic but is actually false. 
  2. Stay compliant: If you’re dealing with confidential client or patient data, you also want to be sure to only partner with technology companies who are HIPAA compliant and will sign a Business Associate Agreement.
  3. Practice powerful prompts: The better your prompt, the better the AI response. Consider AI your genius new intern who knows everything but needs explicit instructions for every step and process. The more you practice prompting AI tools like ChatGPT, the better you’ll be at using it.
  4. Have fun: Finally, have fun and keep exploring. The more AI advances, the more tools there will be to support your healthcare business. And if you ever find yourself wondering if there’s an AI tool that can make a task easier, there likely is. Check out There’s an App for That to explore. 


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