Webinar: Understanding the Compliance and Security Risks of Telehealth; Are You Protected?

May 1, 2020   |   Cyber

Co-hosted with our strategic partner, BetterPT, this two-part webinar is aimed to cover the efficacy of telehealth in the PT field, as well as identify the related laws and risks associated when offering telehealth services.

Hosted on Wednesday, May 6, 2020 from 7:00pm – 8:00 pm

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With telehealth-based usage tripling in the last 30 days, having a thorough understanding of the risks and opportunities is crucial now more than ever. Together, we will lead a conversation on the topic of security, compliance and liability around telehealth so both our clients alike can fully embrace telehealth technology as an opportunity to improve patient care, and diversify their business into the future.

In part one, William Sullivan, EVP of CM&F Group, will lead a discussion on the topic of relevant laws and risks for clinicians offering telehealth services to patients including:

  • How telehealth falls within your scope of practice within relevant (state or federal laws)
  • Resources for determining what you can and cannot do as a practitioner
  • Related risks to reputation and cyber attack for providers and patients now and in the future
  • What may or may not be included in malpractice insurance policies

In part two, Marla Ranieri, Chief Development Officer for BetterPT, will cover the topic of what to consider when choosing a telehealth platform to help meet your patients’ and your practice’s needs. The discussion will include:

  • How Telehealth can be used during social distancing and when normalcy returns
  • How to comply with safety and security to protect yourself and your patient
  • What key features to look for when choosing a Telehealth platform
  • BetterPT as a platform for you

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