Oklahoma Bill Brings New Opportunities for PAs

June 15, 2020   |   PA

On May 21, 2020, Governor Kevin Stitt signed into law S.B. 1915

This legislation will allow PAs to be designated primary care providers and to receive direct pay. The new law modernizes Oklahoma PA practice by removing unnecessary administrative burdens and supporting elements of Optimal Team Practice. Additional changes include references of “supervision” changing to “delegating”, and enabling PAs to volunteer in the case of disaster or emergency.

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With broader practice authority, the need for individual PA malpractice insurance is more important than ever.

We are very optimistic that this new law will increase opportunities for PAs to serve more patients more effectively throughout Oklahoma, and want to be sure PAs protect their future with a comprehensive and reliable PA malpractice policy.

CM&F applauds the continued great work of the AAPA, in addition to the long-time efforts of the Oklahoma Academy of PAs (OAPA) to move this bill forward to resolution! Its success will surely benefit all PAs and the many Oklahoma communities in which they serve.

As a result of PAs being able to practice with greater autonomy, PA vulnerability to be named in a direct malpractice lawsuit could increase. For over 70 years, CM&F has championed America’s healthcare professionals while insuring their careers with the highest quality malpractice protection. We look forward to assisting Oklahoma PAs as they move into this exciting new chapter of their history!

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