Career Opportunities for Physical Therapists

Physical therapists have the unique opportunity to work in a variety of settings.

They have transferable skills that serve as a good base point for any desired career path. With experience and further education, physical therapists can take their improved skills to a new career. Regardless of the career path chosen, it is essential for PTs to have an active individual physical therapy liability insurance policy. Also known as physical therapy malpractice insurance, CM&F’s PT professional liability insurance offers PTs the freedom and safety to work in a variety of settings without fear of litigation consequences.

Physical therapist happily helping patient in arm muscle therapy, knowing they have malpractice insurance coverage for protection

Here are just some of the unique career opportunities for physical therapists:

  • Sports & Fitness Therapy
  • Home & Health Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy

How does a physical therapist learn more about career opportunities?

To learn about new career opportunities, physical therapists need to first talk to their employer. Many workplaces offer continuing education benefits for their employees. As a physical therapist, you should take full advantage of those opportunities. If an area of work interests you, you should speak to your employer about the steps needed to make the leap into a new career opportunity. Some of these professions can be attained simply by going through a certification program or taking higher education courses.

Pursuing a new career or field can have a significant impact on your work life. Not only could you see a potential pay raise, but you will have the opportunity to work in a field for which you have grown a passion.

Physical Therapist engaging in quality patient care, using his skills and knowledge to avoid malpractice risk.

Physical therapists have the skillset to further explore their career, and it’s an opportunity that should not be wasted.

With a vast wealth of knowledge alongside CM&F’s portable 24/7 professional physical therapy liability insurance coverage, a physical therapist can take their career in any direction with confidence.

The CM&F Advantage

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Resources for Physical Therapists

At CM&F, we believe in the importance of a lifelong relationship, and in order to build that we are dedicated to being an educational resource for PTs. To accomplish this we have compiled a vast amount of information from salary figures, to evaluating coverage options, and even blog posts written by fellow healthcare professionals.

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