Pedorthist Malpractice Insurance

The essentials and benefits of having professional malpractice insurance

What is Pedorthist Malpractice Insurance?

Pedorthist malpractice insurance policies provide coverage to certified pedorthists who assess patients’ feet and prescribe shoe modifications or orthotics that aid in the improvement of painful or disabling foot or lower limb conditions. Pedorthist malpractice insurance is necessary to perform the daily responsibilities of pediatry without fear of litigation due to a claim or grievance.

What Risks Do I Face as A Pedorthist That Warrants Professional Malpractice Insurance for Pedorthist?

A pedorthist is an allied health professional who has specialized training to modify footwear and order supportive devices to address conditions affecting patients’ feet or lower limbs. Due to the complex nature of this occupation and various risks that coincide, it is imperative that certified pedorthists have an individual pedorthists malpractice insurance policy that is separate from employer coverage. Because many professional opinions may go into the decision made around a patient’s treatment, you can be held liable by patients, patients’ families, coworkers or other healthcare providers whether the task at hand was you’re doing or not.

Why Do I Need Liability Insurance for Pedorthists?

Pedorthist insurance is designed to protect personal assets and cover unexpected expenses in the event that a lawsuit is brought against the provider. Our malpractice insurance for pedorthists protects healthcare professionals for amounts that would otherwise need to be paid as a result of a professional liability claim arising out of a covered incident, whether the accusation is proven true or not. A pedorthist’s important work allows for the possibility for potential negligence claims.

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