CM&F Urges Healthcare Workers Battling the COVID-19 Pandemic to Have Liability Insurance

March 26, 2020   |   Healthcare Professional

You are doing your best with what you have,
and we will have your back through it all

The team at CM&F understands the outbreak of COVID-19 has turned into what seems to be a non-stop, challenging crisis. On a daily basis, healthcare workers are being met with infuriating, frustrating, and even frightening situations as they navigate changes to daily workflows, experience understaffed & overcrowded facilities, and are given new assignments that may be unsafe because the leadership team needs an extra set of hands.

Just like every other normal day, but even more so now, practitioners across the board need to make sure they have the proper liability protection to cover any potential negligence claims, felonious assault situations, and/or personal needle-stick injuries that are at increased risk of occurrence in high-stress situations.

As patients, their families, your colleagues, and industry peers look to you daily for some measure of reassurance and advice, you need to have the freedom to speak what you believe to be the best information you can provide. You need the peace of mind that you aren’t going to be personally ruined, both professionally and financially, as you help patients navigate this crisis.

You are doing your best, and we applaud all the healthcare workers showing up daily to protect and guide the world through this pandemic. We at CM&F want to assure you, WE HAVE YOUR BACK. We are here to PROTECT YOU and to give you PEACE OF MIND as you continue to walk in to continually changing chaos for this undetermined amount of time.

State Based Regulation Updates

As you are looking out for everyone else’s health, we wanted to provide you with some useful stress-relieving resources and information for your own health:

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