Prioritizing Safety During the COVID-19 Healthcare Crisis

March 27, 2020   |   Healthcare Professional

High-stress situations, like the Coronavirus outbreak, can lead to accidents, confrontation, and a lot of misunderstandings. First and foremost, make sure safety is a priority so you don’t fall victim to a sharps-related injury, or felonious assault.

Helpful Hint #1

Healthcare facilities are overcrowded, increasing the chances of infections spreading among patients and practitioners alike.

Limiting spread among patients waiting for healthcare services, as well as healthcare workers who are in high demand especially now is critical. Ensure you and your colleagues are quick and vigilant in isolating those who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, as well as enforce standard transmission-prevention tactics like hand-washing and environmental hygiene amongst all inhabitants of the facility – workers and patients.

Helpful Hint #2

As patient and patient families become more anxious, or as healthcare workers become overstressed, confrontation may arise. Healthcare practitioners and employees are doing their best to prevent spread, but sometimes under chaotic circumstances, this is not always well received. Make sure you and all your colleagues are well aware of de-escalation procedures, workplace violence policies and safety protocols that better help you to manage these situations.

For more information on COVID-19, check out our guide that includes free resources and key information about why liability insurance is crucial during this time.

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