Addressing Malpractice Concerns as Providers Implement Telemedicine Services

April 9, 2020   |   Healthcare Professional

With the increased efforts on eliminating face-to-face encounters during the spread of the COVID-19 virus, healthcare professionals are increasingly ready to adopt the use of telemedicine technologies and by doing so, need to have a better understanding of related professional liability coverage. While telehealth and telemedicine already were increasing in adoption, the efforts to contain the Coronavirus will certainly accelerate the adoption of the virtual health services practice for providers across the healthcare industry.

The increased reliance on telehealth comes as healthcare providers are looking to find ways to keep their patient practice active and revenue coming in the door. The growth of telehealth settings spans hospitals, clinics, medical labs, doctors’ offices, senior-living facilities, correctional facilities, and more. The growth of telemedicine specialties includes dermatology, family practices, pediatrics, psychology, physical rehabilitation therapy, acupuncture and more. With malpractice insurance companies supporting telehealth services, and an increase in technology-enabled telecommunications platforms, the telehealth growth is endless.

Malpractice Risks Associated with Telemedicine or Telehealth Services

Malpractice insurance covers healthcare practitioners in situations ranging from prescribing the wrong medication to patients or their families accusing the provider of not acting quickly enough to prevent a medical injury or condition.

The situations in which patients can take advantage of telehealth provider services are typically lower risk, like needing a prescription or they are due for a routine checkup. Because the risk is not considered any higher than face-to-face encounters, telemedicine does not require an additional policy add-on or an additional charge for coverage. CM&F covers telehealth provided services on professional liability insurance policies, so long as providers are within scope of practice according to the relevant laws.

Getting telemedicine malpractice insurance

CM&F Group does not make finding malpractice insurance for your telemedicine practice complicated. By obtaining malpractice insurance from CM&F Group, you cover your bases protecting yourself from unforeseeable problems in the future with 24/7 portable coverage that protects you within all delivery methods of patient care – in-person or virtual.

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